• Saint George Beach, Naxos Town, Greece

COVID-19 Update

Precautionary Measures, Hygiene and Protective Measures from Covid-19

Villa Naxia, with a high sense of responsibility and professionalism, has followed all the necessary hygienic protocol instructions and having as its primary goal so much your safety and well-being as well as that of the hotel staff, it is ultimately ready to accommodate you offering you a lovely and safe stay.

The Villa Naxia hotel implements the following adjustments:


  • The lodging has informed all the interested parties about the measures that have been taken (the staff, the external associates, the suppliers and visitors/quests).
  • The clients are obligated to carefully abide by all the hygiene and safety rules as well as take all the necessary personal protective measures from the Covid 19.
  • No visits from non-residents of the lodging are permitted in the rooms, on the balconies and verandas as well as the area reserved for breakfast.


  • Upon the floor labeling of distances to be kept at the waiting area.
  • Antiseptic for the quests at the reception area of the hotel.
  • Frequent disinfection of the furniture at the reception area.
  • Upon demand, the staff members have the ability to inform the visitors about the rules and regulations of the hotel and the measures that have been taken for the protection and prevention of contagion of Covid 19.
  • The hotel offers informative brochures which include the basic health instructions and useful information to the visitors.
  • In any case of emergency, a medical kit is available which consists of gloves, masks, antiseptic cleansing wipes, a disposable long sleeved robe and a non-contact infrared forehead thermometer.
  • The staff is in the position to identify the symptoms and report them to the health-care manager of the hotel.

Cleanliness services, Disinfection, Housekeeping of rooms and Communal grounds

  • The hotel implements enhanced disinfection practices according to the instructions of the NPHO.
  • Apart from the regular cleaning procedures, the communal facilities, the main entrance, the reception area, the door handles, the counters, the tables, the handrails and all other contact surfaces are often disinfected on a daily basis.
  • In all the communal areas hand antiseptics are available.
  • The rooms are cleaned and disinfected after every departure thoroughly and carefully.
  • During accommodation, the cleaning of the rooms, the changing of bed sheets, pillows and towels will occur only on the request of the guests.
  • Decorative ornaments, extra pillows and bed clothes as well as multiple use commonly used objects such as informative pamphlets ect, have been removed.
  • The remote controls for the television and air conditioning are provided with disposable covers.
  • Surfaces made of fabric (i.e. tapestries, curtains ect. ) are cleaned with a steam cleansing device at a temperature of > 70°C.
  • All the key cards of the rooms are disinfected.
  • The duration for check -in and check-out has been extended:
    Check out: until 11.00 am
    Check in: from 03.00 pm

This change is mandatory so that meticulous cleaning and disinfecting of the rooms can be ensured.

Hotel staff

All members of the hotel staff:

  • Have been informed about the way the Covid -19 virus can be transmitted
  • Have been trained on cleaning and disinfecting practices of specific areas, follow hygienic regulations so as the transmittance of the virus can be avoided (frequent washing of hands, avoidance of handshakes, natural distancing, avoidance of contact of their hands with their face).
  • They are provided with personal protective equipment (masks, gloves).
  • They are subjected to a thermal check every morning.

Air Conditioning and Ventilation of Spaces

  • Thorough and constant ventilation of all hotel areas.
  • Each room is provided with an autonomous air conditioning unit to which cleaning and disinfection of filters is performed after every departure.

Food Catering Services

  • According to hygienic protocol, the tables in the breakfast area have been placed according to the validated layout and the necessary distances are being kept, with the maximum amount of guests per table being six. There are no limitations in the cases of families with minors.
  • All the members of staff will always be wearing gloves and masks.
  • Antiseptics for the quests will also be provided in the area reserved for the serving of breakfast.

Medical care

On the occasion of a suspected Covid-19 case, there is a safe plan of addressing the matter. The hotel is cooperating with a physician as well as the local hospital of Naxos who is instructed to act based on the directions of the NPHO.

Personal Data

The hotel is obligated to maintain the quests personal data and to ensure and guarantee their safe retention as the display of personal data is necessary in the case that they are requested from the responsible hygienic services or the local police force for the tracing of suspicious contacts with symptoms of Covid 19.

For more information, you can contact us via e-mail at info@villa-naxia.gr or by phone on the numbers (+30) 2285026480, or cell phone number (+30) 6944530982.

We wish you a pleasant and safe stay.

The Management of Villa Naxia