• Saint George Beach, Naxos Town, Greece

Naxos Activities


Activities in Naxos

Wind & kite surfing, horse riding, diving, trekking, cycling, water ski, water slides, beach volley, tennis, fitness and many more

For those who want to have fun with sports in summer vacation in St. George beach you will find the center FLISVOS watersports has to offer you a wide variety of activities. There are organized schools with qualified instructors who can work with you individually or in groups and teach you.

Swim and relax on the beautiful beaches of St. George (Town), Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna, Plaka (the most popular of the island), M. Vigla, Kastraki, Aliko etc.

Wind Surfing in Naxos

Entertainment on Naxos island

Naxos is waiting for you to live with all your senses and can give generously everything a visitor could ask for. Here are some suggestions for you. But if you want to know where you will find yourself partying crazily till morning, led by the traditional local instruments and tempted by the tasty local flavours, that’s the village festivals (the famous “Panigiria”) taking place during the whole summer in each of the beautiful, picturesque villages of Naxos. Together with the locals, you’ll be listening to and dancing the beautiful island music and its songs celebrating love, passion and the sea.

Highlights in Naxos

  • Enjoy the sunset through the monumental gate of temple of Apollo (Portara) in front of the harbor!
  • In the Town Walk to the Venetian Castle, the old market and visit the archaeological museum, the Tower Glezos, the Catholic Cathedral, the Venetian museum and see a grand door (one of the gates of the Vetetian castle which still survives today).
  • In the picturesque streets of Old Town, you will find souvenirs from Naxos in the many shops located there.
  • Feel admiration for the giant Kouros and Kore, the unfinished statues in the gardens in green Melanes!

  • Visit Apeirantho (or Aperathou) and its museums, stroll the cobblestone streets and shop of the famous textiles crafted by women on the loom.
  • Admire the temple of Demeter Sagri. Built in the 6th century. BC a landmark in classical architecture.
  • Hike to the cave or on top of Za and feel the Aegean stretching your legs.
  • Try the excellent cheeses (Gruyere, Parmesan), potatoes and citrus liqueur, a product produced only in Naxos.

Activities for kids

  • Aquapark www.aquafun.gr
  • Open-air cinema
  • Dolce Cafe with a big children's playground
  • Ag. Georgios beach: the sandy beach, turquoise waters and the shallow part, make the beach safe and suitable for young children and adults.
  • Go-kart track "Heart Rock"